Crystals & Clock Oscillators:

TCXOs, VCXOs, OCXOs, GPS Discipline Oscillators and Quartz Sensors. Manufacturing sites in
USA, Taiwan, and China. Divisions include Pletronics and Cardinal Components


35VA to 80KVA (control, isolating, safety, PCB, Dry-type, autotransformers/
Toroidal/adapters) single & three phase.


Line & Load, Harmonic & DC-single and three phase


EMI/EMC: 2A-2000A, Harmonic Filters, Sine Filters & DV/DT

DIN Products:

Single & three phase power supplies, UPS, battery modules, controllers,
buffer & redundancy modules

Electronic Circuit Breakers:

12V & 24V-2-10 channels

Metal Enclosures:

Standard & custom product-IP rated products available specializing in custom
and modified standard products


Chip, PCB/FPC, Patch, NFC, and external/customized antennas. Unictron is
an expert on antennas.

Newava designs and manufactures custom and standard inductors,
transformers, coils, toroid magnetics, chokes, custom magnetic
and cable and wire assemblies.

Seiko Instruments: Micro Energy Division:

manufactures micro batteries for use in Real Time Clock (RTC) applications.
Seiko backs up FPGA, microprocessor, SRAM and other memories.

Seiko Instruments: Quartz Crystal:

manufacturers low speed and very low power timing products for IoT and
portable products. They are a world leader in fundamental crystals.


Voltage regulators, detectors, switching regulators, charge pumps (energy
harvesting), wireless-charging, power sequencing, Op Amps & comparators,
LDO, passive battery monitoring, and antenna diagnostics

International Manufacturing Services:

IMS manufactures thick film resistors in a vertically integrated facility in the U.S. providing the
best quality and lead times available for standard and custom solutions.

IMS’s numerous product innovations include:

– Aluminum Nitride (AlN) resistors and attenuators for improved heat transfer and sustained
component integrity in high power applications.

– Thermal Management Solutions for protection of critical board components in high thermal
energy designs.

– Ultra Leach Resistant (ULR) products for the combined durability of Ni-barrier products with
the performance and non-ferroresonant properties of traditional PtAgPd components.

– Z-Power Resistors for maximized RF performance and power handling at elevated frequencies.

– Low PIM Materials for reduction of loss of both bandwidth and signal integrity associated
with Passive Intermodulation (PIM) in high power systems.

– V-Series high power attenuators specially optimized for Low Duty Cycle (LDC) Power Pulse


Is a conglomerate of several power companies.

Digital Power:

Flexible power supplies for the teleco, medical, and industrial market.


High density power supplies. Marine capable applications.


RF microwave components, security, wireless, and defense applications.

Power Plus:

A value add distributor of over 80 power supply lines.

Helix Semiconductor:

Makes ICs that enable extremely efficient energy and power solutions using
MuxCapacitor voltage conversion IP.


Is a low power wide area network (LPWAN) carrier for IoT applications.


Is everything you need to connect sensors. Evvos designs and develops
hardware, firmware and cloud integration services platforms.